Real Life Project Management: Projects, Programs and Operations of a House

Project Management Lessons from “Real Life”

The house (and farm) on Green Acres always needed work

Projects, programs and operations are all necessary parts of a business. How do you tell them apart? Let’s relate this to an item most of us can readily identify with: owning and maintaining your home.

Real Life Project Management: Lessons from Making Sourdough Bread

Another Example of How We Use Project Management in “Real Life”


[Reprint from Associated Content]

I like fresh sourdough bread. I also like making it because it is such a stress reliever. It also has some practical lessons to it, though, so please bear with me.

Is Your iPhone Spying on You?

One hacking researcher believes so.

Apple iPhone
by Roguegeek via Wikimedia, under CCA-SA

These days, it seems that everywhere you turn, there is someone willing to sell out your personal data.  So, while reports that “Your iPhone may be rigged to spy on you” may not be particularly surprising, the extent to which iPhones seem designed to be able to be broken into is.

Geek Friday: Improving Performance on Ubuntu 14.04

Some tips on turning a tortoise into a hare?


OK, that might be a bit of an exaggeration.  In reality, you cannot speed up your computer significantly without either dumping bad code and replacing it with streamlined code (which often is not an option) or upgrading RAM, the physical (not virtual!) memory in your machine.  If neither of these are an option, you might, and I stress might, be able to speed things up with a faster (or even a newer) hard drive, but that depends on a number of things.  Having said that, there are some tricks to getting it to appear to run faster.

Real Life Project Management: Economic Lessons from Mulching

Another Example of How We Use Project Management in “Real Life”


[Reprint from Associated Content]

Steve McConnell wrote about a home project he worked on in “Building a Fort: Lessons in Software Estimation” and the take-aways he had. It’s a neat little reminder that, consciously or not, we use/ignore project management techniques on a daily basis.

Agile Project Management

When is a Methodology Not a Methodology?

“Lapin Agile” (“Agile Rabbit”) by Andre Gill

[Originally published on Associated Content, 23 Apr 2009]

The term “Agile” has become such a buzzword that it has lost its meaning in the current development environment. To paraphrase an old joke, if you ask 4 IT managers what Agile is, you’ll get 5 different answers. Some will interchange the usage of “Scrum” and “Agile”, but is that the correct usage of these terms? What is the difference between “Scrum” and “Agile”?

Mellow Monday: 27 Computer Tricks

Game_%26_Watch.png (Ball)
Can your computer do tricks? :)
(Photo by ThePViana, under CCA-SA

Not to be too educational for a Monday, :) , but what if I were to ask you to share one trick you have learned over the years?  Specifically, Thought Catalog ran an article in May about how “27 People Share The One Cool Internet Or Computer Trick They Know“, and there were some tricks in there that even I didn’t know.  No, it’s not that I should know everything, but there were some interesting tips that would have made a few past (mis)adventures easier.  For example:

4. How to do a reverse image search.

Hold S and right click an image to do reverse image search in Chrome.

Seriously?  How did I miss that one?

BTW, the UPS tracking number trick works (usually) for USPS as well. :)

Geek Friday: Resetting Passwords on Most Any Device

Breaking and bypassing passwords on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iOS and Chrome OS.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

I’ve written before about resetting the Windows password using the Offline NT Password and Registry Editor, but the How-To Geek went above and beyond to describe “How to Bypass and Reset the Password on Every Operating System“.

Obviously (I hope), I am not advocating using these tools to do nefarious or illegal things, but it should be a help to those who find themselves locked out of their own devices by accident.  It should also point out that encryption of personal data should be a consideration for all mobile devices (actually, I would even advocate it for home towers, but mobile devices get lost a lot easier).

Ubuntu Moving Items to Trash From Commandline


I was writing a shell script not long ago, and I wanted to remove files, but I also did not necessarily want to do so permanently.  It seemed like a good idea to move the items into the built-in trash utility in Ubuntu, and why not?

Well, it turns out there really is no way to do this with Ubuntu out of the box.  However, I came across the Web Upd8 article on how to “Make ‘RM’ Move Files to Trash Instead of Completely Removing Them” by using a utility called “Trash CLI”.  They even show you how to alias the rm command to use it, if you wish!  Personally, I don’t recommend that, but I’ll leave that up to you.

Now Are You Worried About that Comcast – Time Warner Merger? Unbelievable Lack of Customer Service Common Sense


Maybe you should be!


From the just when you think you have heard it all department, I came across an audio about a disconnection request gone all wrong on Digg this morning.  The recording quality isn’t that great, but no matter.  The “customer service” representative repeats himself so many times trying to strong-arm this couple into not dropping their Comcast service that you get the idea.  Oh, and according to the write-up, he didn’t even start recording until ten minutes into the conversation!



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