Prediction 4: Online Crime Will Increase Government Involvement in the Net


Not only will the greed of corporations ensure that government involvement in the net increases in order to enforce some form of net neutrality, but we have already seen government surveillance increase in the name of combating terrorism. However, the FBI and other groups are now wanting in on the action in order to combat cybercrime.

Prediction 3: Large Organizations Will Continue De-Humanization


It’s a bit ironic when you consider it. Human beings are socially inclined. So, we’ve built up virtual networks to be able to interact with one another online even easier than before. In the process, however, corporations have begun to use the userbase metadata in ways never imagined before, treating people like objects instead of live human beings.

Prediction 2: The State Oversight of the Net Will Increase


Recently, President Barak Obama declared the Internet a public utility, and the idiots have come out of the woodwork. The Daily Caller, never ceasing to be sycophants for corporations and their profits, has managed to make me cringe from their article on “Seven Myths About Net Neutrality Regulation“. Even the Harvard Business Review has managed to screw it up in “Why the Public Utility Model Is the Wrong Approach for Internet Regulation“. It is obvious these entities either are catering to big business interests and/or don’t have a clue about the Internet.

Prediction 1: The Fragmenting of Open Source

"Shattered glass 3" by  saavem

“Shattered glass 3″ by saavem

For the record, I’ve never owned an Android phone. I want to get that out of the way first and foremost. It seems like a pretty decent platform and all, but that is not how things have worked out for me.

Leaving its worst critics aside, one thing that even Android advocates speak a lot about is “fragmentation”. Part of the freedom involved in owning the phone is also one of its bigger weaknesses, it turns out. When someone buys a ‘Droid, there is often no compelling reason for them to check out the latest version. In fact, if the phone is carrier bound, there may even be difficulty doing so (yet another reason to buy unlocked phones). By contrast, iOS users are more likely to pounce upon the latest release from Apple if their hardware will support it.

Morose Monday: I’m Designating This Crab Week

There are so many things wrong with and in the IT world that it’s difficult to keep up with it all.

Photo by redkintoba on DeviantArt

Computers don’t make mistakes. People do.

~ Unknown

…And people make computers.

~ John D’s corollary

I am sick. No, really. I’ve been suffering from some bug, and I thought I was getting better and overdid it. I hesitate to call it a “relapse”, seeing as the second bout was twice as painful as the first, and I generally don’t think of a relapse as being worse than the original. So, maybe, just maybe, that is why I feel the way I do today, but it really does not explain it all.

Microsoft and Apple Updates Racing Towards the Bottom

Updates are important, but if you keep screwing them up who is going to do it?

ios_8_crash_and_burn_hindenburgWe’ve all heard the mantra that updates keep us secure, updates fix those nasty bugs, and updates are good for us. Well, are they?

Reviews of CBL Data Shredder and HDShredder Free

Wiping a drive from within Windows shouldn’t be difficult.

"Wiping" a hard drive

“Wiping” a hard drive

The problem I have with reviews on is that they are often dated, and you cannot find out when the review was written. Given that, it is still rare that they get something totally wrong, but it does happen.

Moronic Monday: Avast Deserves Being Ditched For Spying on You

Seriously, there is shaky, and then there is unethical!


It is one thing for some piece of freeware/shareware sneaking on a toolbar or some other potentially unwanted program (PUP), but it is another thing entirely when the program doing so is supposed to be blocking and/or getting rid of just those programs! That simply crosses the line, and is deserving of great scorn.

Well, guess who the How-To Geek caught doing exactly that? It turns out that “Avast Antivirus Was Spying On You with Adware (Until This Week)“. Last week wasn’t exactly last week, as I was busy reconfiguring my main work box for Arch, but it is important enough to post anyhow.

Yeah, they stopped doing it, they claim, but seriously how is anyone supposed to trust them now?

Trust is scarce because it’s not a simple instinct and it’s incredibly fragile, disappearing often in the face of greed, shortcuts or ignorance.

~ Seth Godin, Trust and attention, the endless dance

I would only add “… or arrogance.”

Geek Friday: How to Install Windows XP with Arch Linux Encryted With Hibernation as Dual Boot, Part 1


I’m already lovin’ my Arch system!


So, I’ve been busy, if you cannot tell.  This is part one, since I don’t have time to do the write-up all in one sitting (and I’m not sure if it is beneficial to have it all in one reading either).  The first step has to be to understand what you want and why you want it.

I’m Back and on Arch Linux!

So, it took a little longer than planned…


This is basically a test post.  I’ve switched over to Arch, and it took a little longer than I anticipated.  More details on the next Geek Friday!