The National Rifle Association (NRA) Are Idiots (Stupid Marketing Tricks File)

The National Rifle Association will never, ever, get a dime of money from me voluntarily.  I have nothing against the 2nd Amendment.  I have nothing against gun ownership.  I think gun control is an exercise in futility.  So, why would I be against them?

I have received several unsolicited phone calls on my business line this week from various 855 and 888 numbers, as well as some others, and I look the number up online before blocking them.  I see from various comments that they belong to the NRA.  Well, after the last one, I got suspicious.  After all, anyone can make comments about who it is online, right?  Surely, no organization can be that stupid, right?

So, I called the number back.  Guess what?  They identify themselves as the NRA.  Obviously, they are stupid enough to believe that calling people over and over again using several different numbers will convince them to their cause.

Here’s a better idea:  Stand on a corner with a stick and poke people in the eye.  That will surely convince them!

So, now I’m doing my little bit to convince people to not join, give money to or even pay attention to these losers.  I have no intention of being associated with anyone who thinks it is OK to harass small business owners!