Facebook Updates News Feed

In an AP article that appeared in the local JournalNews, there are “Changes coming to Facebook News Feed”.  The good news is that it’s been a while since Facebook has made any major changes, so maybe this one will be easier to accept than some of the previous every-few-month churn of releases caused.

It always seems during these times of change that people are prone to start once again predicting the demise of Facebook, but the predictions always seem to not come to pass.  The article does point out that a small trickle of younger users are “migrating to substitutes” without naming them.  Seriously?  Google+ is the only real competitor, and MySpace is pretty much a joke.  The article also says “The number of people who access Facebook daily is also on the rise.”  More to the point, if you want to find someone, Facebook and LinkedIn are the most likely places you’ll find them.

Changes in Facebook are rolled out on a gradual basis, so not all users will get hit at once.