Adding Facebook Birthdays to Google Calendar

It used to work where I could pull Facebook friend’s birthdays into my Google Calendar, which is very handy to have everything in one place.  Somewhere along the line, it stopped updating.  I tried a couple of birthday apps, but they were always disappointing and nagged you to get all of your friends to sign up.  I know that some of them are a security risk (in fact, birthday apps may well be the #1 way to get infected on Facebook), so I removed any I had and just stopped thinking about it.

After stupidly going along with the Apple iCloud updates at some point and winding up with several duplicates of things, I gave up for a while.  At least, until this morning, when it just got aggravating again.

Mashable has an article written last year, “How to See Facebook Birthdays in Google Calendar“, so it looks like it is back up and running.