First Impressions of Feedly (Connecting via Newsify): Does Not Cut the Mustard

I loved Google Reader.  I was a little late to the game, though, as I did not have a need to read feeds on my iPhone for quite some time.  I always either downloaded my RSS feeds into Outlook or for a while I tried it via Internet Explorer.  However, I cannot use those on an iPhone, and there is no way I know of to sync between Outlook feeds and any on the iPhone anyhow.  Even if there were, would I actually want to download the feeds onto the phone?

So, I learned about Newsify, a very handy app that can read a Google Reader feed and display it on the iPhone.  Very nice app.  Of course, that all threatened to fall apart when Google decided, in true Google style, to shut down Google Reader.  And people wonder why I don’t totally buy into Google Voice?  Google has a history, almost a tradition, of starting up some neat projects only to later abandon them like the unwanted stepchild.

So, Newsify teamed up with Feedly.  It is similar to Google Reader in that it aggregates your feeds and allows you to read them on the web or on your mobile device.  Sounds neat, right?

Well, I’m a bit underwhelmed, honestly.  First of all, the transition was not totally smooth.  It errored out, and I needed to put in the account information again manually after the upgrade of Newsify.  I input the information, and it had no notion of which articles had already been read, as they all were marked read.  Some older didn’t show at all.

However, I can understand how conversions are not always easy and without incident.  Still, this was somewhat off-putting.  Yet, that was not the worst.

I began to notice that the articles were several hours old after a sync.  At first, I thought that perhaps it was a new account, so there may be something that needs to kick in first.  However, that was a few days ago, and I went online and took a peek yesterday.  It turns out that the articles in the Feedly account are all several hours old.  None were less than 4 hours old.

Some of the articles I read are on Craig’s List.  While I get thoroughly annoyed at the “I set this out just now at 6 pm, and I want it gone by midnight!” type of narcissism that occurs so often on CL, hours can mean the difference between something that is available and something that is gone.  After one sync, none of the articles were less than 6 hours old!  In fact, it seems that feeds may not update more than a couple of times a day.

So, this is not going to work for me.  For most feeds, it would work fine, as they probably only update once a day.  However, for any that are time sensitive, I have to give this service a thumbs down.