Geek Friday: Moving iTunes Library

I previously wrote about the travails of the “iTunes Library Issues” where it was possible you would have to hand edit the XML file.  Fortunately, Apple has made changes to its library scheme such that you can use a “Workaround for iTunes Home Sharing Nonsense” by mapping a drive out and have iTunes understand that.  This leads me to believe that the iTunes library isn’t nearly as picky as it once was in being moved.

Note that files protected under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) might need to be manually re-registered, which is a huge pain.  This is why I much prefer buying physical CDs and ripping them to the hard drive over downloading electronic versions.  You are allowed under copyright law to have one backup copy of legally owned music.  If something happens to either the media or the hard drive, you still have what you paid for, and there’s no silly scheme keeping you from your legally purchased items.

At least, I thought this was the only obstacle until yesterday.  I came across the Lifehacker article “Move Your iTunes Library to Another Hard Drive in Three Simple Steps”, and now I’m confused.  These “three steps” involve using iTunes itself to move the files, which sounds basically OK (although, knowing iTunes, I cannot imagine it being very fast).  So, we now have another way to move the library.

However, then there’s this statement:

When you’re done, you can delete the files in your original iTunes Media folder, but don’t delete the other .itl and itdb files—iTunes will still use those in their original location.

Forgive me if I not only do not see an advantage in that, but my experience suggests something very different.  In addition, I question if that is really any more “simple” than moving it and holding down the [Shift] key while starting up.

I waited to post this, BTW, as I wanted to see if there were any answers to this, and there were not.