Connect Android Smartphone to HDMI Monitor/TV For Big Screen Effect

MHL Micro USB to HDMI adapter

Sorry, iPhoners, but this one is for the Android crowd.

I saw an interesting podcast from TWiT TV‘s Know How show on turning your phone into a computer.  I was particularly fascinated by the fact that you can plug in a cable adapter (they demo on on the podcast) to display your phone video on an HDMI TV!

One word of caution: The Galaxy S3 has an 11 pin connector vs a 5 pin connector.  You will need an adapter or a cable specific to the S3 to get it to work.  This is also covered in detail in the video, and there is an appropriate link in the TWiT show notes.

MHL stands for Mobile High-Definition Link, and it apparently has been around since 2010, according to a Gizmodo article on the subject.

This would be handy for someone who travels and gives presentations a lot.  It will be interesting to see if there is enough interest to propel this forward or if another competing standard will end up the winner.