Being an Extra-Ordinary Boss

Yes, I know there’s no hyphen in “extraordinary”, but I wanted to stress the “extra” portion rather than blithely throw out “extraordinary”.  It’s one thing to distinguish Dilbert’s boss from a good one, but what distinguishes a great boss from an extraordinary one?

When I read Inc.‘s “10 Things Extraordinary Bosses Give Employees“, I kept nodding my head.  I have actually written about half of these over the years, and I can relate quite well to all of them.  I’ve seen a few examples of the positive ones, and more than enough of examples of the negative ones, over the years.

Everyone is called to lead in some area of their lives.  Leaders may be bosses, shift managers, parents, teachers, lawyers, geek or businessperson.  Leaders come in many forms, many styles, and many shapes and sizes. :)  However, good leaders share certain characteristics, don’t they?  What distinguishes good from great from extraordinary?

What may be surprising is how much of this will read like common sense.  What is not surprising, unfortunately, is that far too many managers, which is the proper term for mediocre leaders, do not employ these common sense rules, instead of acting more like Dilbert’s boss.

How about you?  Are you a leader or a manager?  Are you merely a good boss or an extra-ordinary one?