The Internet Doesn’t Lie! Joel Osteen Quits Christianity!

All life’s answers are on TV.

~ Bart Simpson

According to Homer Simpson, “TV doesn’t lie!”  Well, it appears that some might say the same of the Internet, at least in deed if not in word.

I’ve always been amazed at how people will often react without thinking simply because it is a quote in an email or a picture on a website.  These days, I seem pretty much the same hoaxes and urban legends floating around Facebook.

While I was pondering this, my friend over at Old Goat Guide published “Don’t Always Believe Your Eyes On The Internet”.  I particularly like the lead picture, shown below, of a rather well-known hoax that was perpetrated when photography was still rather new.



Earlier today, I learned that Joel Osteen has quit Christianity.  Well, OK, in reality “Televangelist Joel Osteen target of online hoax”.  It seems the fake website is no longer available, but it had included a YouTube video and fake Twitter feed as well!

Be very careful out there.  Look things up on Snopes or’s Urban Legends page before passing around fake stuff.