Geek Friday: Sharing Files and Folders on a Mac with OS X Lion

Whether we are talking Windows or especially a Mac, I’m always surprised at the fact that file and folder sharing seems to be a pretty confusing topic for some otherwise rather savvy users.  The discrepancy really hit me recently when someone who could probably be able to configure their email on a new computer didn’t know what I meant by a “network share”.

On a Mac (I’ll cover Windows in a separate future article), OS X comes with a Public folder, which makes things pretty easy.  Just drop a file into that folder, and it will be accessible by anyone on the network.  In Finder, look for Shared on the side.  You can also do a Connect to Server in Finder to look for the folder.  If it doesn’t show up, make sure that file sharing is turned on.

You can also manually share out a folder, though.  In an excerpt from OS X Lion for Dummies, there are instructions for “Sharing a Folder in Mac OS X Lion”.  I’m not sure why they are bringing up Drop Box in this, as it just confuses the situation, IMO, so just ignore that portion of it.  What’s important are the instructions for sharing should the need arise.