5 WordPress Plugins to Help Monetize Your Blog

Recently, TechRepublic put out an article “Five plugins to help you monetize WordPress”.  I don’t use any of these, but I am passing along them to you in case you wish to use them.  If you are into podcasting, ecommerce, adding graphics or other media onto your site or doing digital downloads, then take a look at these.

One of them I might have had use for on one of my blogs is PodPress.  TechRepublic says, “PodPress is the single best plugin for WordPress to get your podcast onto iTunes and other podcast aggregators.”  Apparently, though, you have to create posts with WordPress, and then your podcasts and blog posts would be mixed in together.

I don’t know.  Maybe I’m a bit old fashioned, but I like some degree of organization and separation.  Now, I could create a subdomain, throw WP on it and do it that way, but by the time I saw this, I already had a solution in place.

Just prior to running across this article, I had installed Podcast Generator, which isn’t a plugin at all but an entire PHP program downloadable from SourceForge.net.  However, it can be put into a subdirectory and driven from a menu link from your regular blog site, yet it has its own RSS feed which won’t interfere with the blog’s RSS feed.  Pretty slick.

I’ll be doing a review for Podcast Generator for Geek Friday this week, so stay tuned.