Reverting to Older Version of iOS App

I don’t know what it is about this latest iOS update, but a lot of apps are crashing on me.  Facebook, Words with Friends, Newsify and a couple of others seems to crash too often.

WordPress is even worse, as it just totally locks up and won’t respond after the first time. I don’t understand why, but after an update or reinstall, it will work, but then returning to it later just gives a partially loaded screen. Since this was the first obvious problem, and because the app also just updated to a new version, it got the initial blame. However, no other apps are doing that. They are just crashing.

At any rate, I realized I didn’t know how to downgrade an app. So, I googled it. I’m not sure why, but the scenarios presented seemed to be quite different than what I was seeing.

In particular, if the app had already been updated in iTunes on your PC, the available advice was to look in the recycling bin. However, I wasn’t sure if I’d emptied it. It turns out that the iOS update was there, but no apps?

So, I began contemplating restoring from a backup. First, I wanted to ensure what version I had and what the date was on it. That’s when I was surprised to see all my apps with various versions right there in the iTunes folder!

Yeah, so after getting over my sense of surprise, I followed the directions to copy the file to iTunes and confirm I want to replace the current version with an older one.

Turns out you cannot sync it yet, though. Before sync’ing, remove the newer version from the iPhone. This can be done by finding the app icon, then press and hold on the icon until they all start wiggling, and then tap on the ‘X’ on the top left of the icon. It will ask to confirm removal of the app, and after confirmation, the app will be deleted. After that, sync’ing will reinstall the older version.

After completion of these steps, the WordPress app once again works.  I’ll just have to be careful to not overwrite the older version now.