New Computer Setup Special

OK, so you have that shiny new laptop and new wi-fi router, but you have no idea how to set it up?  Have you poured over the manual, only to get a headache?  Did you call the **** ***** where you bought it, only to find out they charge an arm and a leg to come to your house and set it up!

You are in luck!

John D’s Computer Services always is willing to come to your location and set up your new laptop plus get your wi-fi router and laptop talking to one another for a competitive price (click on Compare Prices above to see our regular prices).  However, between now and 4 January 2013 a simple setup of router and laptop will be done for $35.00, the minimum support ticket price, a savings of $5.00.  In addition, each additional device that needs to be setup on a wi-fi network will be discounted to $15.00 each!

But, there’s more.

Need that shiny new desktop set up?  Normally, desktop/laptop setups and configuration are charged by the hour, since that is usually cheaper than flat rates.  Instead of $40/hour for standard setups (installing and configuring software, installing antivirus, getting rid of crapware), the first two hours (most configurations only take that long, if that) will be only be charged $35/hour during the same time period!

But, there’s more.

Mention the website you found this information on (Google search, Facebook, eBay Classified, etc.), and you’ll get an additional $5.00 off any support call fulfilled before 4 January!

Compare that deal to the big chains!

Coupon for New Setup

Special Note: Specials affect standard prices on specified services only.  Parts and supplies are not covered under this deal.  A small transportation fee may still be assessed (see Standard Rates for details).