Geek Friday: WordPress Captcha Plugins, Which Ones Do not Work and Which One Shines

There isn’t much more aggravating than applications that don’t work as expected.  I went through quite a few WordPress plugins before finding even one that worked correctly.  Some of them were highly rated, which is in itself a bit of an oddity.  Maybe a few of my ratings will being them down a notch.


Biggest disappointment.  It looked the most promising, and it was on the top of the list.  The captcha would not display, and then doing anything else threw a SQL error.  Apparently, this plugin isn’t even being supported, as there are more than one complaint about it with no answer from the author.

Sweet Captcha

This one did not work, and it unexpectedly took me to some other website!  There are no instructions for installing it.  I uninstalled it, and I could not do so fast enough.

Worse, they send an email the next day with some codes but no further instructions about installing.  It is too little too late anyhow, since I’d already found something that worked.  For all I know, they are giving out my email to a bunch of spammers while I write this.

Even if I knew what to do with the codes, what self-respecting blog is going to block user registration until the following day?

Blue Captcha

I skipped over quite a few because they had not been tested with the latest version of WordPress.  I finally landed on Blue Captcha.  I don’t even remember what didn’t work about it, as it was getting really frustrating at this point.

Captcha Code

A very simple captcha method.  KISS.  It works!  It does one thing, and it does it well.

Two thumbs up!