The Importance of Responsive Web Design

I have published on Helium the article “Web design tips: Reasons why you need a responsive website design”.  An excerpt from the article:

There is no doubt that the landscape of the World-Wide Web is changing.  On 11 August 2011, Seth Weintraub of CNNMoney wrote “The numbers don’t lie: Mobile devices overtaking PCs”.  The technological progression of desktops and laptops, then smartphones, then touchscreen phones and then tablet devices have in turn continuously challenged web designers to keep up the different types of inputs and screen sizes in order to best present content to the web surfer.

This has led to an interesting phenomenon of companies clambering to web designers to make their website “iPhone friendly” or “usable on an iPad”.  However, going that route ends up with disjointed efforts to try to adapt to each and every screen type.  A different presentation is required for the desktop/laptop, Blackberry, touchscreens and for different screen sizes.  This can quickly devolve into “spaghetti code” for the website and make maintenance and changes an expensive nightmare.