Tweaks and Changes

I’ve made some changes that will affect the mobile theme.  The login menu item was not activated, so that is now fixed.

There will be more changes over the next couple of weeks to do with security.  They will all be in the user account area.  There are too many bogus accounts, and there are bots making more all the time.  It’s time to stop them and whack them.

It should be stressed that it is not necessary to have an account to read the blog.  This is a public blog, and it can be viewed online with a computer, mobile device or even though the Facebook app NetworkedBlogs.  If on Facebook, comments can be made on the posts through your Facebook login.  If not on Facebook, you will have to create a local blog account to comment.  You only need an account to make comments.

All of that was necessary to make it clear that if you have an account and have made no comments other than spam, your account is going away.  If you’ve never commented, then you probably never made one to begin with.

In other words, there should be no noticeable difference to regular readers and commenters.  However, I am posting this in advance because there is always the possibility of something going wrong.  Technology is wonderful when things work, but as I’m sure you are aware they often do not work.

And, no, I’m not concerned that this posting will alert anyone.  Bots aren’t human, and they don’t read the blog.  They just look for weaknesses and try to exploit them.