PC & Laptop Repair and Upgrades

PC or laptop not working or too slow? Many problems can be fixed for under half of what it would cost you to purchase a new one. More »

De-Clutter With a PC Tune-Up & Virus Check

We clean out temporary files, defragment your hard drive and do a security check for adware and out of date programs. More »

Get Your Business on the Web

Who needs the telephone directory when we can get you setup with your own domain name and small business website so people can find you from a computer or smartphone? More »

We Come To YOU!

No need to figure out tangled cables and what hooks up where. We come to your location, and if we cannot do the repair work onsite, we also do pickup and delivery. More »

Setup Your Home Office LAN

We can configure your home office network, your Internet connection and ensure you are protected from prying eyes and those who would steal your bandwidth. More »


John D’s Computer Services

A computer service and repair business that cares about YOU!

This is a tough economy.  People want VALUE in return for their money.  People are busy juggling careers and family, and so they need CONVENIENCE.  Yet, is that what a lot of computer repair places offer?  No way!

Think about the hassle and the cost!  You pull that tower out from underneath the desk, unplug all of the wires, bang you head and/or knee in the process, dust it off, lug it to the car, drive to the store, lug it out of the car into the store, wait a week, then do it all in reverse and hope you get everything hooked back up correctly.

Or, perhaps you can get them to come to your place, but they want $100 just for the trip.  Seriously?  A minimum charge is one thing, but $100?

One person who lives just outside of town told me personally that **** ***** wanted $400 to come look at their computer to clean a virus!  Dell sells entire low-end computers for less than that!

Is that CONVENIENCE?  If they charge you 75% of what a similar new computer with all of the software costs, is that service of VALUE?

There must be a better way!

John D’s Computer Services offers a better way!  We can do about 50% of needed repairs at your location.  If not, we pick up and we deliver!  Either way, it is the same price.  We take your system apart, we do the hauling, we do the fixing, and we will set it back up for you.

Not only that, but John D’s Computer Services offers competitive rates.  See our standard rates for a comparison.

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